Madhivadhana Ramesh: Everything Different

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Everything Different
by Madhivadhana Ramesh (11 years old)


In the year 2031 scientists invented a real
time machine. There was a girl named
Christina. She was an adventurous girl. She
wanted to use the time machine to go to the
One day she sneaked into the lab where they
kept the time machine. She was almost caught,
but luckily he was saved by a glass bottle that
fell and broke. It distracted the guard on
duty. Christina found the time machine and
tried to operate it, but she could not do it.

Then she found a manual and worked out what she had to do. She got into the
time machine and entered the time.
Only a few seconds later, she was in the year 3845. She looked around and
everything was different. She was astonished by the technology they had. She
wanted to find herself but she could not because she was dead by then. But
Christina was a spirited girl so she said to herself: “I am not dead yet so I
might as well enjoy this now.”
She wandered through the city with her open mouth. She saw robots and
people wearing exoskeleton. “I want an exoskeleton too”, Christina said to
herself. She asked some people where she could buy an exoskeleton. She knew
she was in Japan but she could not understand what they were saying. But she
could understand that they were not speaking Japanese.
So she went on exploring the city. She was tired and hungry and wanted to eat
something. Therefore, she went into a grocery store, took a cart and filled it
with a lot of things, but when she went to the counter she stopped, because no
one was paying with cash or card. They were paying with their hands. When it
was her turn, the lady, who was sitting at the counter, told her to show her
hand. But when she did, the lady at the counter asked her where her chip was.
Christina asked: “What chip?”.
The lady was surprised and called the police. After some standard questions,
the police took her to the police station; the policemen were robots. When she
was sitting in the police station, a young girl came. The girl showed the police a
kind of paper and then the police let Christina go. When the girl talked to
Christina, she knew her name. Christina was astonished that she obviously
knew her. The girl said that she was her grand-grand-grand-daughter. Her
name was Melina. She told her that she should go back because it was
dangerous to stay in the future for too long. Christina went back, astonished
and hungry. Years later, Christina told her children and grandchildren what
she had in the future. Everything had been so very different.

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