Lara Akay: Everything Different – Lyrik

Everything different 


The news travelling worldwide: 

a virus we never heard of before 

remember the last time being outside? 

No, not anymore 


Learning strange terms, 

we never thought we needed, 

but here we are, wishing back the norms 

and living our lives on repeated 


Lockdowns and masks are well-known things, 

not travelling and visiting 

is cutting off our wings, 

so the most valuable rule is distancing 


Blaming others for the situation, 

but solidarity is what we need 

to prevent our earth from collapsing 

you have to start adapting, 

because the numbers took speed 

and always remember your last location 


Not only now, but forever 

this will strengthen our society 

and saying ‘Hate will never 

be my priority.’ 


Not being selfish, 

but reaching out to the helpless 

and acting like sisters and brothers, 

always supporting others 


Sharing new invented vaccines 

to make some progress, 

but somehow poor countries fighting the disease 

are still not able to have success 


Surviving a pandemic 

is a story we will tell our kids, 

a memory that remains epic 

and so many things the government forbids 



Imagine the whole world grounded 

and New York City not being crowded, 

you think it is impossible 

well, CoVid was unstoppable 


Having virtual classes and not seeing your friends, 

was one of many side effects. 

You thought this was the end? 

We all did, 

when just another wave hit, 

which was mutated 


We were taking control of something we weren’t prepared, 

but tried to manage it because we all shared 

the same situation and prayers, 

today this is what scares 


But we stick together and wait 

till’ there is an update 

telling us ‘everything different’ 

is over and now irrelevant. 

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