Shaurya Palaparthy: Everything different – 2. Platz

I moved from India to Germany with my family in October 2019. I can’t believe, it’s already almost 1 1/2 years since then!
When I sit down to think, what was different for me, the answer is very clear – Everything! For one, I have grown from a 9-year-old to an 11-year-old! Moving to double digits is certainly a big change and an achievement! Apart from this, there were certainly many more things that were different. Let me start with my physical activities! To start with I can say that I started walking here a lot more than what I was doing earlier! Walk to the tram stop, catch the tram, then again walk to school and repeat the same every day, sometimes even 2 times a day! Besides, I also played sport in the evening or sometimes went for a run in a park nearby. But one may ask what is exciting about it!
Well, nothing! The exciting thing comes now! I learned Canoeing! In India, I had a chance to try it out once when we were on a holiday. But here, I started learning it! Quite honestly, I didn’t even know that it was a real sport till I started exploring new boats, different waters to canoe on, and many more things! It was super fun learning something new. Just before the summer holidays of 2020 got over, my family and I did a canoe trip with our trainer on the Rhein river! it was super exciting and adventurous!
I am a school-going child. So it’s but natural that ill talk about my school experiences too! As soon as I came to Germany, my parents started looking for a school for me. I was hoping that they would take some time to find a school for me so that I would get some time to relax at home. But in just 2 weeks, I started going to school! I was in 4th grade then, so I joined a Grundschule. On the first day, I was nervous as well as excited! But it all vanished on the very first day! I made a few friends in school and had fun with them. My teacher was also very kind, which made it easy for me to adjust to a new school, in a new country with new classmates!
While I was gearing up for my new life, the corona pandemic was taking over the world. It had an impact on my life too! Soon we were in lockdown. And now started a series of all-new experiences- online classes, exercise at home, learning some crafts, reading a lot more books than usual, solving puzzles and riddles, and doing DIY projects! I had never imagined I could do so much at home! One more thing that requires to be mentioned – The Mask! Yeah, I wore a mask also for the first time in 2020!
Despite the Corona Pandemic and lockdowns, life has not been boring at all! Thankfully, before the lockdown started, my family and I managed a couple of trips in Germany and around! I already have seen the Christmas markets of Nuremberg, the Important monuments of Berlin, the port in Hamburg, the Palace and its beautiful gardens at Heidelberg, and the beautiful castles and valleys along the river Rhine!
Life might have been dull and boring for some during this time, but not for me! I was always having fun because for me, everything was new and everything was different.

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