Beatriz Bromberg Baldo Carvalho – Everything different

Everything different.

These days that’s everything anyone ever talks about.

That everything has changed, that they feel caged, when will this stage be over?

Like “Wow this past year has been crazy right?”


“Isn’t it strange? Despite all our efforts more and more suicide might pass the green light at the crossroad”

Sure everything is different.

But is it?

Can women walk alone at night without checking their backs?

Without having to worry about the man in black waiting with a sack for the right time to attack?

Can we be truly free?

Not thinking about what others might think if we so much as blink the wrong way or obsessing over how much we weigh?

Because “Hey, don’t be a slut and wear that” or “I don’t think you’re healthy. Here, try this diet”

We have to explain to boys that no means no over and over again without them backing off.

Because when you say no you’re considered a bitch. How could you say no then? You don’t want to be that witch who turned them down, because then the whole town would know about it.

And how could you deal with that social rejection, when it becomes the reflection you see in the mirror.

Except that mirror starts talking back and it’s not nice.

It’s a backpack full of hurt and resentment and trauma so heavy it nearly gets every woman on hear knees crying and begging please that the weight would lift off her shoulders.

But who am I to say who has it the hardest?

I’m just a woman, right?

Everything different.

But can every person express themselves?

Can they be gay or Bi or Trans or even plain straight without judgement?

Without dirty looks on the street just for holding someone’s hand or kissing them on the cheek?

Everything different.

But can every human allow themselves not to be afraid?

Of people attacking them for the way they look? Can they be an open book when they have to check every nook for enemies before they speak the truth?

Can they trust their own country’s safety system?

When we’ve seen other nations turn on their own residents because they can’t shake off all the hate and insanity and cruelty from more than 100 years ago.

Because they don’t care that they have soul, a family, a name.

All they want is see that flame burning and still feel no shame.


“Oh we were taught to hate your people, it’s not our fault”


“Well if you didn’t want to get shot, why did you wear a hoody?”

Everything different.

So many people talking about this new stage and how they have a lot on their plate and how desperately they’re trying to find their soulmate.

But guess what?

Every 10 seconds a child dies of hunger.

1 in 3 women is sexually harassed or raped globally.

Over 300 people of color were shot by the American police in 2019 alone.

Everything different.

But is it?

Because I am wondering when everything will be different.

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